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Wow, I only just discovered you and your stuff reminds me of OneyNG a lot. Are you anything to do with him (a friend?) or are your styles just quite similar? Not a complaint, I love it.

This Sonic's voice is just like the one I remember from the cartoon..JUST like it
Anyway, this is epic.
So glad to have found your work, it's all fucking awesome.

Hilarious, and at the same time, so true..
As many have said before me, this is a masterpiece!
You're a wizard.

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Short and sweet, perhaps a little too short though! And maybe the addition something to make it a bit different, as I said tis already super sweet but ideas here could be explored further :)

I really liked this, just fabulous :)
Loved all the different paths and how nothing was as it seemed. Simplity of the look really made it. Ending was a bit poo in my opinion, but the game itself was great all the same.
Well done to all!

I loved this. I played 'The Company of Myself' some time ago and it left a lasting impression on me, so when I saw this Prequel, I got excited. The simple look to these games and the deep, sombre story..just wow. I also loved the dialogue, very meaningful and well thought through.
Thank you for making this :)

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I recently heard this on the title screen for the game "The Illusionists Dream" and I just had to write a review letting you know how much I loved it! It's so beautiful.. I'm not quite sure how you could continue it, it is quite short but I still love it so much.. Well done on this lil diddy mister, it's just lovely :)

BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you very much for the kind words. :) I am always happy to find that people enjoy the music I've put out.

Very naice

Oh my, I quite like this :)
The piano sounds real good in there too :)

sinecadenza responds:

I actually had some problems mixing the piano in. Glad to hear it works :)

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I love the look of this guy.. He's so frickin cool :D
Well done :)

JWBalsley responds:

Ha ha, thanks a lot, he's just hanging out smashing records.


Love it

Oh my.. Spyro got PIMPED ;D
Love this, tis friggin' fantastic :) well done!

Yellow eyes :)

I love that lil dude at the bottom.. He's like "Aw Hell noe" and the creature is all like "raar".. Hmm no i think the sound it made would be waaay more epic, wouldn't it :/
This is frickin awesome tho :)

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