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Short and sweet, perhaps a little too short though! And maybe the addition something to make it a bit different, as I said tis already super sweet but ideas here could be explored further :)

I really liked this, just fabulous :)
Loved all the different paths and how nothing was as it seemed. Simplity of the look really made it. Ending was a bit poo in my opinion, but the game itself was great all the same.
Well done to all!

I loved this. I played 'The Company of Myself' some time ago and it left a lasting impression on me, so when I saw this Prequel, I got excited. The simple look to these games and the deep, sombre story..just wow. I also loved the dialogue, very meaningful and well thought through.
Thank you for making this :)

I really liked this! The look of simplicity made it, I think :)

Please make more games like this, though perhaps consider making them a tad longer?

Ya. Twer good. But

Is.. Is that.. The abulance man.. Is it.. No, it couldn't be.. Is it.. DAN MCNEELY?!!? :O ah, I loved those games :) for that, a 10


Ah Mister Whiting, I thought this was quite the lovely story :)
The words you used in the text were perfect.. Everything was so pretty :)
Well done!

Lads, I made a baby :)

Methinks this was an odd choice for a game :/
Very interesting though, I don't know the details about the process of, eh, this.. But I betcha the way you portrayed all here is accurate, from what I DO know about foetus' and whatnot.. :)
This kinda scared me at first, but I guess there's truth in it all :) well done, misters.


I think this game is about drug abuse.. I think a drug is being represented as a girl, Leigh.. (the drug may possibley be heroin? Tis the worst one I can think of that could be injected.. He says "Leigh" has been on his left arm since he was a teenager.. And, if our man here is right-handed, where does heroin get injected?.. Yup. Left arm.) I could see this evident in every ending too, he gets clean or carries on with his addiction..
I love this gamey though, tis real good and had me thinkin lots :o excellento job, ol' chap! :D
Sorry if any of this spoiled anything for anyone, just giving my thoughts! :/ :)


Oh Mister Thomas Brush.. That lil diddy right there is just amazing, it's so beautiful :)
Everything looks done to perfection, including the graphics, story and music.. I adore this :)
Well done! More things like this are needed in the world

B.E.A.U.tiful :)

Oh my, i adore this :)
It's so simple, and yet it's just.. So.. Beautiful
Sure it's sad, but that's what makes it..
Kepp up the good work, & the music fit so well with this game/music video :)

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